online shop.



Step 1 - Select the items you would like to order - you are allowed one (1) of each item per customer. Items will be unavailable once they are marked as 'OUT OF STOCK' and will not be re-stocked until the following MONDAY - the shop update has been postponed for this week - the next one will be on Monday, March 8 @ 7:00 PM.


Step 2 - Please fill out the required info at checkout along with the delivery address of where you would like your items to be delivered - please provide exact delivery location. Delivery is an additional $5.00 CI at checkout. Payment is cash on delivery, a debit/credit card is not required.




PLEASE FILL IN YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS ZIP/POSTAL CODE WITH " KY1 " - just KY1, NOT your full postal code number OR you can enter a number between 1- 10, if you do not do this you will be told the shop does not deliver to your area.


Step 3 - Your items will be delivered within the same week that your order is placed. You will be given an approximate delivery timeframe - we will reach out via phone or e-mail to confirm your delivery address and to give you a more exact delivery time. Please take a snapshot of your confirmation for your records. Payment details will be given at the time of checkout.



- The GIFT-WRAP ADD ON is exactly that - it does NOT include the doughnuts in the photo.

- Once items are marked as 'out of stock' the shop will not be re-stocked until the following Monday.