Hey everyone!! It's so exciting to be blogging again! I've been working on a ton of new stuff to introduce in 2016. Between working full-time, "Scratch", home and everything else in between - it's been a whirlwind but I am so excited and humbled to have so much support. "Scratch" has never been featured more on social media than it has in this past year! THANK-YOU for the love!

In this blog I want to share a little of everything...things I'll be working on in the coming year, ideas, posts on what you can expect to see in terms of the new Rustique cake & macaron line and Table Flair. A complete Artisan at heart, it was my hope to create "Scratch" and have it embody and stay true to its name...dessert should be dessert, nothing less but always something more. The perfect balance of salty and sweet; simple, fresh ingredients all made from SCRATCH, coming together to create one AMAZING piece of cake. That is the word I want to come to mind when you take that first bite. Eggs, butter, cream, flour, sugar and salt...transformed into something much more than the ingredients themselves.

With that being said, thank you for reading and please stay tuned for much, much more. In the meantime, please browse the site and feel free to send order inquiries or any questions you may have!

Made with Love.



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