The Addition of "Fat Plants!"

Hey everyone!! Today was my sister Brooke's 17th birthday and yesterday I made it a point to make her something really special!...from the personalized, handmade bunting right down to the peach buttercream and unique floral decor...her cake ended up being the start of something new for Scratch.

I went out and got SUCCULENTS! Aka "Fat Plants" by one of my Instagram followers haha. Fitting name as some of them really do appear to be a little plump. A steal for $3.75 each I am so happy that I found them...the only problem with putting them on the cake is that I had to actually cut their roots off...a little sad I might admit. I've said that once I have some free time I'll explore Pinterest for a way to actually save them and possibly "regrow" the cut stems? If that makes any sense...haha. If anyone has any tips on how to do this or if it can even be done...PLEASE SHARE! :)

So back to the reason for the "fat plants"...I've been wanting to include them as a part of the Rustique collection ever since I thought up the idea for the concept in my head and to my dismay, they were just so hard to on an island, you tend to settle for what you can get. -And in no way did I want that kind of attitude/mantra to be reflected in my desserts! So after a LOT of searching...and a good six months later...success. The Rustique collection now dotes succulents (as per your request).

The above cake is vanilla sponge with peach & vanilla buttercream -reallyyy rustic but definitely wanted it to have a girly, antique/classy element to it and think that I was able to capture it! So excited with the new developments of the Rustique line and happy to be able to share it with you all!

Stay tuned for more updates, blog posts and photos!

With Love,


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