Accepting Orders for the ENTIRE Month of May!

Hello everyone!! It's been a while longer than I expected since my last blog post but I think that this post will have been worth the wait!

I am extremely pleased to announce that Scratch will be open for the entire month of May! That means I will be accepting orders for the whole in that case, please get your orders in early!! A few days have already been booked up! This is extremely exciting news as it means Scratch is at your complete disposal for all of your birthday cakes, wedding cakes and macaron cravings (and the list goes on)! AND need I mention that Mother's Day is in May!? Please spread the word and send any inquiries you may have to my e-mail address from the Contact/Orders tab on the website! As I said before, this is the first time that I have ever been able to open up the "shop" for the entire month and cannot wait to share that opportunity with all of you :)

With all of that being said, I will get you guys up to speed on what's been going on lately!

The GLUTEN FREE CAKE...two weeks ago, I promised you guys an update on the gluten free vanilla cake recipe that I used for a previous cake order...and let me tell you, it was divine. Before I even started to make gluten free dessert recipes I hadn't put much thought into it...but it saddens me when someone who cannot have gluten has to settle for foam-like, tasteless dessert for well,'s a downright travesty and I was so relieved and humbled upon tasting this one and realizing that even though there was no real "flour" present, that it tasted lovely. And THAT is the goal.

So far this week, Scratch has taken on a myriad of new orders and all of this progress would not be possible without your help...thank you so very much for supporting Scratch!!! I am so overjoyed and cannot wait for the day when you guys can come into a storefront and stuff your faces with cake (YEESSS)!

This isn't cake related (or dessert related for that matter) but thought I'd throw it in there for some today my dog (Marley) decided he would run into the neighbour's yard and play with their dog...needless to say, he got back...after yelling his name for a few minutes...and was covered in filth. At 7am, eyes barely open, the last thing you want to be doing is bathing your dog but that's what we collectively (he and I) decided we would do. HA. So being a morkie he had gotten a little poofy over the past few weeks so I whipped out the scissors and poor guy, he's got one terrible hack job that I hope grows back in, and fast...because I think he's upset with me. He's actually got his back turned to me right now...nevertheless, he likes cake and our tiff will all blow over with some rubs and vanilla cake tomorrow :) Moral of the story? Eat more cake, don't use scissors at 7am.

I hope that gave you all a little laugh :) Have a lovely week guys and thank you again for your continued support!! AND PLEASEEE, do get your orders in for MAY!! I'm so excited (can you tell?) and hope you are too!

Made with Love,


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