A Successful Month! One Wedding Cake Down, Goodies from Amazon...

Hey Everyone!

My apologies in the delay as Scratch has been extremely busy this past month! -With more orders than ever before I cannot thank YOU enough for your continued support and for your love for Scratch and its products.

As mentioned, I have been really busy. Not just with the cakes but with the launch of something new...with its growth, Scratch has since become so well-known that the time has come to look at something a little more permanent...something I will fill you in on a bit later! Just be sure to stay tuned!

With orders and email inquiries: guys, thank you so much for your patience. I ask that you please continue to bare with me as it may take some time for me to respond to your emails (I do get a lot of them!) and with that being said, I have suspended taking on any new orders for the next month or so. (Existing orders remain the same! Don't worry guys, you'll get to have your cake and eat it too :) -hehe.

(Far Right & Below : My little sister modeling a recent birthday cake!)

A quick recap of May can be summed up in one word: CRAZY! But I love every minute of it...being able to create your cakes just makes me so happy...a typical day will start out with me getting up at about 5:30 am; I get dressed, take my dog out and start baking cakes...and I'm describing my days off from my full-time job. Nevertheless, I could stay in the kitchen all day and do have to stop myself!


This past month has brought about so many new experiences...some absolutely wonderful and others daunting-lesson-learned ones but none more weighted than the other. In the past month I learned how to make-shift a scenario to transport a cake 15 miles in 100 degree weather! - After which was brought about as I watched a 3-tier wedding cake crumble and collapse under intense heat in the rear view mirror of my Mini Cooper...I cried...however unfortunate, it was a learning experience and Scratch lives - needless to say that the NEXT wedding cake delivery to the very same location went off without a hitch!! Hmph! Scratch 1 - Sun 0!

In regards to new stuff! Check out the 'Contact' tab, some new flavors have been added, as well as an update in pricing and cake size.

Amazon Goodies - they have finally arrived!! Along with that lovely jade milk glass cake stand I have been drooling over since last year...gahh, even nicer in person!

Where do I get my flowers? - I have been asked this question and the simple answer would be to say that I troll for them. lol, literally. My boyfriend can tell you that I rush out of work just to go and get the best flowers before the rush in the evenings haha. Kirk Market supplies a wonderful floral selection - I always aim for the prettiest colors in spray roses and anything else that catches my eye. I also use Celebrations and tend to call them (quite often...) for specialty flowers. So yes! I hope I've answered your question!

In close, again, thank you so very much to everyone who has ordered a cake, tasted some of someone else's and said how much they've liked it, shown interest in ordering a cake or have just spread the word or showed us love on social media...the thought is so kind. As a pastry chef, my dream has always been to be able to provide a product and service that I can be proud of and it would seem time and time again, Scratch has embodied just that based on your reaction to what we do...it makes me so emotional. THANK YOU. Know that when I create your cake or dessert, it comes from the very bottom of my heart as Scratch was something that was born from my soul.

Made With Love,

Britt xo

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