Out with the Old.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

The holiday season was a busy one for Scratch and I would like to thank everyone for their continued support! Our baskets, holiday cookie jar and fruit cakes were an absolute hit!! THANK YOU! You can expect to see more of our baskets for Valentine's Day as I will be accepting pre-booked orders soon!


Our doughnuts have been launched!! This has been a dream of mine from about two years ago...something I knew I wouldn't have the time to take on due to work, the extra workload and not wanting to take the shine away from our cakes...Cakes are and always have been my first love but I adore the idea of doughnuts - making them, EATING THEM... Now, I am so HAPPY and EXCITED to finally be taking the bull by its horns and offering Scratch's very own Doughnut line (something you can expect to see more of as the year goes by). Our doughnuts are made from scratch, with the best ingredients, free of all the gunk -always. With that being said, I will get into the many different options that can be explored with the launch of our Doughnut line.

Weddings- For some time, the cake has been the focal point of wedding receptions...it occurred to me a while back that doughnuts could help to add to that amazing cake. The possibilities are absolutely endless as they can be featured in their own little section so that guests may enjoy them...not only do our doughnuts taste mmm-mmm-good but they also look great on a table or custom "doughnut wall". As of this time, I will be accepting catering orders for weddings of up to 60 persons. It's time to think out of the box and think ROUND. Choose from a variety of flavours on our "Doughnut tab" and send an inquiry now!

Birthday Parties- Whether you're hosting a party in honor of your kid's 5th Birthday, someone in the office is celebrating their's or you just happen to be celebrating your own - doughnuts are an excellent way to ring in your next birthday. The flavours I have chosen to feature are both unpretentious and can be savored by all present. You know you can poke candles in doughnuts too...right?

Just Because- and lastly...why not just order a dozen "just because" doughnuts? We deliver and can also include a cute little note alongside your package making sure whoever gets it feels extra special.

Again, I cannot contain my excitement on this!! I hope that you all are just as thrilled as I am.

Made with Love xo


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