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Hey Guys!! So here we go - finally! I promised I would post on my experience at Chef Christina Tosi's MILK BAR demo at this past Cayman Cookout! If you didn't know already...Christina Tosi is the owner of Momofuku Milk Bar, the sweeter side of Momofuku Noodle Bar owned by Dave Chang - and one of my great means of inspiration. Her cakes and treats are unpretentious and provide an array of different flavours that place you back to a time when you could enjoy it without worrying about the weight you'd be putting on! By all was absolutely amazing. My boyfriend took me on a trip to NYC back in September for my birthday and we walked 40 blocks to Chelsea to snag a whole birthday cake (pictured below) because that was the only cake I wanted. Pretty sure I'll be ordering one for my wedding cake too - hope that doesn't sound a bit much. (:

Chef Tosi demo'd the assembly of her strawberry lemon cake which we got a bite of along with MILK BAR's apple pie cake (MY FAAAVOURITE next to the birthday cake). And of course...I made it a point to win the display cake. Yes. Yes, my boyfriend also called me a groupie...I came with my MILK BAR my handbag...just in case there were any questions I needed to answer and could just whip it out like to stone cold groupie I am. Haha I don't even like lemon flavoured things all that much (like lemon curd. ew. one of my least favourite things to make) unless it's incorporated into some kind of dessert via zest or made by Chef Tosi - but taking that cake home meant everything. Sure enough, knowing the answer to, "What is in our compost cookie?" meant all the difference...I knew mostly everything but cheated using the book (no judgement...everyone else was using the internet).

Sure enough, the highlight of the day was meeting Chef Tosi. She is everything as awesome as her cakes and as the only female chef in this entire Cayman Cookout lineup she has two feet planted in the sand to stand on. Let's just face it, she re-invented the cake scene and kind of created the naked cake before it was the in-thing if you think about it! She also had some great keep working. Working hard. And that is exactly what I aim to do!

Milk Bar 4 Life.

Made with Love xo


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