Heyyyy Fall!!

HEY EVERYONE! It's been too long since the last blog post - I feel like that's something I say every time I post...we need to work on that!

Guys, I cannot thank you enough for your continued support of Scratch...we have been full-time for 10 months with bookings out the door!!! None of this would be possible without you! THANK YOU!

With that being said...we have some NEW flavours for you to try! :) (oooo goodyyy)...the inspiration for these flavours were quite honestly...Fall.

Here on island, we don't get to experience all the lovely seasons that temperate regions get to...but I still do miss those seasons from my time living back in Rhode Island...Fall is just so amazing...ugh...the smell of pumpkin...spices...burnt marshmallow...roasted apples...there is literally nothing like it. That brings me to the INSPIRATION for our newest flavours...candles!! I used to go crazy buying candles from Bath & Body Works...and until this day my favourite happens to be the Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candle...pure bliss. I promise they don't taste like candles guys, haha the inspiration came from the smell!

So let's introduce our newest babies!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie- our beloved old fashioned doughnut but made with pumpkin, dipped in our cinnamon & nutmeg spiced sugar milk glaze, topped with creamy marsmallow fluff torched to perfection, and sprinkled with more nutmeg and cinnamon goodness!

Samoa- let's face it...coconut, caramel and chocolate go together all too well...and that's just what we did here. Our brioche doughnut smeared with our homemade caramel toffee, topped with toasted coconut and drizzled with dark chocolate...yes, you're allowed to have samoa (some more) ha!

Cider Coffee Cake- there's absolutely no coffee in this one. The name just comes from the fact that the cake that the doughnut is based off of goes well with coffee or tea! Made with our original old fashioned doughnut, dunked in our signature homemade sugar milk glaze, topped with our crumbly brown suger crumb, drizzled with more of our sugar milk glaze, apple cider caramel reduction and finished with a sprinkle of powdered sugar...have that cup of coffee or tea ready.

Brown Buttered Rum- brown butter is basically just that, its butter that has been browned over the stove until it is nutty, golden and rich - the fats in the butter basically caramelize leaving behind a rich, bold flavour similar to the buttery flavour in pound cake. Mmm. With that being said - this one is made with our brioche doughnut and topped in our brown butter double milk glaze spiked with rum!

All available now under our 'Doughnut' tab! :) Be sure to get your orders in as early as possible so that we can ensure to accommodate you as best we can!

Our Vegan Doughnut- we announced we would have a vegan doughnut for you this month and we are still actively working on it to ensure its perfect in every way...please stay patient with us, we promise it will be worth the wait!

(Drum Roll).................

I said that we had a surprise for you - and we do!

We have been working hard to expand and accommodate everyone but we have simply outgrown our space!! With that being said...do know that we are working on this and you can look out for some BIG changes next year!!! We are sooo excited and although we can't say much, just know that getting that single doughnut will get a whole lot easier come 2018 :) hehe. Stay tuned!

I'll end on that note for you to ponder the possibilities of what we're cooking up!

Made with Love,

Britt xo

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