Behind the Scenes with Scratch: A Typical Day!

Hey everyone!! Thank you for tuning in!

It's been ages since we last posted but I really wanted to get one last post in before the end of the year. It is so hard to believe that 2017 is almost over! With that being said, we have now been in full-time operation for one whole year!! I am so humbled by the fact that we have been able to maintain steady production and a steady product line for the past twelve months...and although it has been no easy task, it has been rewarding beyond measure. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

A few of our customers have asked, "what's a typical day like for you?" I can tell you this, our days are always, BUSY - Scratch is operated by one person pretty much 24/7 so that calls for many late nights and early mornings, weekends working, non-stop driving, ingredient shopping (sometimes HUNTING when we can't find something!), shopping for packaging supplies, e-mail juggling, invoice preparation, phone-call answering and marketing/Instagram/website managing! That's just the tip of the iceburg.

SO here's what a typical day looks like for us (me) here at Scratch! (wipes sweat from brow):

4:00am- 8:00am (depending on the day): Production starts! All of our doughnut dough is made on the day of...from there it needs to be left to rise, put in the refrigerator to chill slightly and then rolled, cut and left to proof again - then finally, fried, hand-dipped/topped and filled with all of our yummy toppings and fillings!

9:00am-12:00pm: Any cakes we have to make and decorate are done during this time - along with prep we have to make, including toppings, fillings, doughs and additional cakes for the next day's orders (we try to always work a day ahead but sometimes end up working right down to the day because things get so busy!!) Boxes are laid out, stickers are put on, invoices placed to respective orders and then...CLEAN UP. We work in a small space so we try to clean everything up before heading out, that makes things easier upon return and keeps everything sanitary- that includes washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, consolidation of product. You name it, it's done.

12:00pm-4:00pm: DELIVERIES! Things got so busy at one time that we were and still do make two to three trips a day for deliveries. This got to be now unless specified, our deliveries are made in the earlier part of the afternoon when we can make them all at one time. (Keep in mind, there's one person doing all of this!)

5:00pm-7:00pm: Grocery/ingredient shopping! All of our ingredients are sought out and we pack them all into a little car (haha, sometimes all of my seats are folded down!) and take them back to our lair. Most times our ingredients have to come from about three different you can understand the amount of driving we put down.

7:00pm- UNTIL: More prep. Any ingredients/components that were not made during daytime prep are made. This can take anywhere from an hour to ended in the wee hours of the morning...say...5:00am? Especially if we have a busy weekend ahead...I have been known to stay up for an entire day to get things done...the longest currently at 32 hours making countless macarons, a wedding cake, prep for the next day, and packaging the macarons for the next day.

11:00pm-2:00am: Website updates, EMAILS, invoices, tomorrow's prep-list! This is usually the ONLY time we can get these together...and to be honest as I continue to expand on our day there's no wonder why this doesn't happen earlier. We are working on ways to make this easier on both ends as we know sometimes it takes a few days for us to get responses out to our customers! Once e-mails, updates and invoices are sent out we then have time to organise. That includes printing invoices and making our prep and grocery list for the next day. :) After that, it's time for some shut eye. (Right now you're probably calculating how many hours that leaves for sleep!)

A typical day for us is exhausting but as I said before, it is so rewarding being able to look back at how successful the day was and to know we made someone happy by sharing our product!! Thank you again for your amazing support, we expect to be extremely busy in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas and that could not be possible without you!

Made with Love,



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